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2018 New England Merino Sire Evaluation Field Day

Thursday 5 July - 9:30am to 3:30pm 'Warrane' Armidale

The NEMSEA committee invites Merino breeders and sheep industry service providers to attend the inspection of 500 2016 drop progeny from 16 Merino and poll Merino sires. Sire groups will be individually penned with visual and objective assessment data, FBVs and ASBVs displayed.

Invited guest speakers and trade displays from agribusinesses and service providers:
- Why Merinos in corporate agriculture; Richard Taylor
- What the Merino has achieved in 25 years... Looking at historical sire data; Andrew Swan
- Barbavax; Fiona MaCarthur
- CSIRO MLP, Merino Lifetime Productivity Project Update; Jen Smith

Download the Field Day Flyer PDF File (127Kb) or for further information please contact Duncan Lance on 0447 297 135.

Further Merino Sire Evaluation Field Days will be held at Macquarie Trangie, NSW on July 11, 2018 and again in the New England, NSW on August 3, 2018. Detailed Field Day information will soon be available.