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Practical Systems Software

Finding the right software for your business is always difficult, but the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA) has made the choice easier for sheep producers.

Recently went looking for a software database to capture, store and manage data at each of their sire evaluation sites across Australia.

According to Executive Officer Ben Swain, AMSEA required software that could be integrated with a wide and ever-changing range of hardware and was flexible in how it was used in the yards to suit the differing data collection processes of all the evaluation sites. "AMSEA found that Practical Systems' Stockbook was the best sheep data collection software in the Australian market and we have since formed a corporate partnership with the company to provide the program to our sites," he said.

According to Mr Swain it was the 'Agrisphere' version of Stockbook, which allows AMSEA to have continual access to site data as soon as it's collected and synchronised, that made it stand out from other software on the market.

"Stockbook streamlines data collection for all our evaluation sites saving valuable time and resources," Mr Swain said. "The improvement in labour efficiency, data accuracy and access to information that AMSEA is now seeing, are equally as valuable to all stud breeders and a good reason to use management software such as Stockbook.

"Stockbook's ease of use and dedicated support team make it the leading program in AMSEA's opinion."