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Visual Sheep Scores

At all Sire Evaluation sites, progeny are assessed for a wide range of Visual Traits. In the past, AMSEA has developed and managed its own set of Visual Trait Standards. In 2007, working with Australian Wool Innovation (AWI), Meat and Livestick Australia (MLA) and Sheep Genetics (SG), a revised set of standards were developed for use across the entire sheep industry.

In 2012, the Visual Sheep Scores were reviewed in order to update them to the current requirements of the industry.

These standards, known as "Visual Sheep Scores", are now the standard for visual assessment at Sire Evaluation sites across Australia.

The assessment of all traits included in the Visual Sheep Scores is mandatory at all sites.

The following traits are included in the Visual Sheep Scores.

Wool Quality Scores

  • Fleece rot
  • Wool colour
  • Wool character
  • Dust penetration
  • Staple weathering
  • Staple structure
  • Fibre pigmentation
  • Non-fibre pigmentation
  • Recessive black
  • Random spot

Conformation Scores

  • Jaw
  • Legs/Feet
  • Shoulder/Back
  • Face cover
  • Body wrinkle

Breech Scores

  • Breech cover
  • Crutch cover
  • Breech wrinkle
  • Dag
  • Urine stain

Classer's Grade

Both a Producer version of the Visual Sheep Scores, as well as a Researcher version with a wider range of traits are available for download below. Please note these files are very large (approx 14MB each).

Hard copies of the Visual Sheep Scores are available by contacting the AWI Hotline on 1800 070 099.