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Innovative Breeders and Service Organisations

Acknowledgment must be extended to the innovative breeders and service groups who have developed and maintained Central Test Sire Evaluation (CTSE) sites. Their forward thinking, hard work and financial backing is applauded as a milestone in Merino breeding improvement.

Industry Leadership

The combined CTSE program is coordinated by the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association and receives support from Australian Wool Innovation.

The Australian and State Associations of Stud Merino Breeders and the Federation of Performance Sheep Breeders have assisted the development of this program.

Site records

The records for this analysis have been supplied by the respective site committees. The use of their data is gratefully acknowledged.


Breeders entering rams at sites provide a large proportion of the funds required to maintain the evaluation program.

The analysis and publication of Merino Superior Sires has been funded by Australian Wool Innovation, CSIRO Livestock Industries and NSW Department of Primary Industries.

The support of the following has also made a major contribution to the program,

  • Agriculture Western Australia
  • Department of Primary Industries, Victoria
  • The Mackinnon Project
  • South Australian Research & Development Institute
  • Queensland Department of Primary Industries