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South Australia

SA Merino Sire Evaluation 2019 Nominations Now Open

Nominations are open for the South Australian Merino Sire Evaluation site for AI in early November 2018.

The site is part of the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA) and is supported by Merino SA. AMSEA trials provide the opportunity for objective comparisons to be made between rams from different studs by evaluating their progeny for sheep type, structure, wool production and carcass traits. The progeny are all run together in the same environmental conditions with all male progeny marked. The site is important for South Australian Merino industry given no other public sire evaluation trials occur in SA. Sire results will be reported in the Merino Super Sire publication as well as at site field days, newsletters and media.

Site breeding objective:

Rams will be capable of producing progeny with 18-21 micron fleece at 12 months with at least 4kg of wool from 8 months growth from an easy-care plain bodied sheep. In addition progeny should be capable of achieving 22-25kg carcass weight at 10 -12 months of age. Ewe progeny will be capable of high natural conception rates when first mated at 18 months.

Host property and ewe base:

The McMahon family at McPiggery, Lameroo are generously hosting the site. McPiggery receives an average 325mm rainfall in a winter dominant pattern. The McPiggery ewe mature weight is 70-75kg and produce approximately 20 micron wool.

Site structure:

The site will be evaluating 14 rams + 2 link sires. 60 ewes will be joined to each sire via AI in early November 2018. Sire pedigree will be established through a combination of lambing paddocks and DNA testing.

Download 2019 Sire Entry Form PDF File (193Kb)

Download Site Reports

2018 SA Field Day 2017 Drop Results Booklet PDF (467KB)
2003 drop hogget assessment PDF file (330kb)

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